Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Does a leopard change its spot when it moves from spot to spot?

Not just my heart (which speaks to me a lot), all my thoughts, deeds and a past hostel wing - all indicate that I am a gypsy girl (...maverick's a word that comes a close second to describing it). When I think of home I don't see a particular house, garden, scenery... not just because home is of course much more than walls, and made up of events and people more than anything else... but also because, we ve never had a static home owing to much shifting. I always thought the shifting, moving and adjusting was exciting and got tougher with age - but its just that one finds more ways to express oneself with age - the basic feeling is the same irrespective of age.

There have been so many journeys and it takes me imagination to link all my life together and infact elates me to have such a rich stock of varied colourful memories. So far it's been Nagpur, Katol, Akola, Hyderabad, Mumbai... and now perhaps Delhi/. This interspersed with many holidays in kolkata, the beaches (puri, daman & diu), hills and forests (assam, meghalaya, nagaland), in temples and heat (chennai, cochin, kanyakumari), mountains, valleys and plains (Kashmir); college trips to ahmedabad, bangalore and an internship in switzerland that served as an excuse to see much of france and germany as well. The one thing I have gleaned from all of this is, I simply cannot imagine living in one place for too long in the remainder of my life. There's simply too much to explore and too little time.

But one needs to know which adage is applicable where. Too much to explore and too little time is an acceptable attitude when it comes to travel... but where living is concerned one needs to choose one's cards and start playing them well soon... else you'll keep passing your turn. In hindsight, everything always seems to fall into place and all is joy and all is happy. And so it seems to have. Maybe things can never turn out any differently, and everything is as it is meant to be. Or perhaps time travel is possible and everything can be different. In the end, things just are and being happy has so little to do with them...

I forget the point of this post... I need to give it a structure... with patience... much as I think I need to approach life with... with deliberate care, patience, thought and structure... then hindsight or foresight... everything always seems in place :)