Saturday, May 20, 2006

Knitigrities of first steps.

Since May 3rd. Its been a time for first steps, all over again, literally. Ginger steps, wobbly steps, limping steps, small steps, unconsciously confident steps that call for subdueing the desire to jump for joy, quick steps, slow steps, almost tripping, grudgingly trudging, bending, strecthing, lazing, gazing.

Since I can't sit in the balcony, am not even the strange person who sits in the balcony all day staring,and have no anecdotes or even observations about the sea of people who pass by everyday. I love reading, but with the enormously vast amount of time at my disposal and my increasingly short attention span I have read some 7 books and been bored, empty, blank rest of the time. Its killing.

Its not that theres a dearth of activities that I can take up even if confined, but the annoyance that theres a galaxy of activities that I can't take up, though its just for a while. It's just been 18 days, feels like a century. Impatience bottled, recipe for disaster. Then again if I hadnt the streak of impatience, first of all I wouldnt be bottled, vicious vicious circle.

Of course I have had all the time in the world for some of the most killing time killers- thinking and surfing, with the re-realisation for the umpteenth time that "Its isn't fun to waste time unless you have something better to do with it in the first place" You could argue that there always IS something better to do, you just have to figure out and DO it, but that part's the catch, you get the drift... (if you dont, good for you, I dont quite know if I do either)

Ramble ramble ramble, I ramble so much. But there isnt anyone to ramble with. Not that my friends dont visit me, entertain me, etc etc but my rambling needs are montrously humungous and theres no constant outlet these days, thats even more killing. Blogging's the second best thing, if you muster up the energy to start theres no stopping. Good, I am happy for me, woohoo I can ramble.

I am so sorry for all those who read this, its killingly boring this read. But, god does it feel good to ramble. Ramble rocks!