Monday, May 26, 2008

P(r)etty thoughts.

Mainly why I don't blog too often is, I have never found a purpose, or a unifying theme, or an idea I liked enough for it to be my contribution to the vast sea of rubbish (largely, there are exceptions, and the point of what I am saying is, I would prefer to be so :P) that makes up the blog world.

But I overlooked a very obvious tiny detail. I am a sloth. Hence any endeavour that required too continous an inflow was bound to...sooner than later perish.

Which is what happened to this blog. Yes, I did shift to, but that space has never really been satisfactory enough.

So I am back! Back to where it all started. To where I didn't think and just started, one random fine day.

Today's a random fine day.

P.S: I think for now my theme shall be, funny stories and all my poems once I find em :D Yay, I found a purpose. I sense a certain smugness nearby. Ah well.


At 3:00 AM, Blogger Jugal said...

Thanks for coming by :) Do so more often :D

You're welcome for that tip :)

And welcome back to writing on the blog...


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