Friday, March 20, 2009

Create a Witty

There is a tried and tested way.
Else, so many wouldn't be following the herd.
And they say seeing is believing...tchah!
Helen Keller would most strongly disagree.
So touching.
No, ka-ching!

And what of tomorrow morning? What of it? Well I must concede I ve been hiding under the bed, with my monsters and freaks but I will muster up the courage of letting go of these horrors. No matter how much effort it takes. Or how many blogs. I will get there I know. I will create a witty. Nohing can stop me. Not even hello kitty.

If my thoughts were as disjointed as my actions right now, heck I couldnt have been writing correct grammar even. Goes to show there is much hope - for both english grammar and action shoes.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Does a leopard change its spot when it moves from spot to spot?

Not just my heart (which speaks to me a lot), all my thoughts, deeds and a past hostel wing - all indicate that I am a gypsy girl (...maverick's a word that comes a close second to describing it). When I think of home I don't see a particular house, garden, scenery... not just because home is of course much more than walls, and made up of events and people more than anything else... but also because, we ve never had a static home owing to much shifting. I always thought the shifting, moving and adjusting was exciting and got tougher with age - but its just that one finds more ways to express oneself with age - the basic feeling is the same irrespective of age.

There have been so many journeys and it takes me imagination to link all my life together and infact elates me to have such a rich stock of varied colourful memories. So far it's been Nagpur, Katol, Akola, Hyderabad, Mumbai... and now perhaps Delhi/. This interspersed with many holidays in kolkata, the beaches (puri, daman & diu), hills and forests (assam, meghalaya, nagaland), in temples and heat (chennai, cochin, kanyakumari), mountains, valleys and plains (Kashmir); college trips to ahmedabad, bangalore and an internship in switzerland that served as an excuse to see much of france and germany as well. The one thing I have gleaned from all of this is, I simply cannot imagine living in one place for too long in the remainder of my life. There's simply too much to explore and too little time.

But one needs to know which adage is applicable where. Too much to explore and too little time is an acceptable attitude when it comes to travel... but where living is concerned one needs to choose one's cards and start playing them well soon... else you'll keep passing your turn. In hindsight, everything always seems to fall into place and all is joy and all is happy. And so it seems to have. Maybe things can never turn out any differently, and everything is as it is meant to be. Or perhaps time travel is possible and everything can be different. In the end, things just are and being happy has so little to do with them...

I forget the point of this post... I need to give it a structure... with patience... much as I think I need to approach life with... with deliberate care, patience, thought and structure... then hindsight or foresight... everything always seems in place :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

P(r)etty thoughts.

Mainly why I don't blog too often is, I have never found a purpose, or a unifying theme, or an idea I liked enough for it to be my contribution to the vast sea of rubbish (largely, there are exceptions, and the point of what I am saying is, I would prefer to be so :P) that makes up the blog world.

But I overlooked a very obvious tiny detail. I am a sloth. Hence any endeavour that required too continous an inflow was bound to...sooner than later perish.

Which is what happened to this blog. Yes, I did shift to, but that space has never really been satisfactory enough.

So I am back! Back to where it all started. To where I didn't think and just started, one random fine day.

Today's a random fine day.

P.S: I think for now my theme shall be, funny stories and all my poems once I find em :D Yay, I found a purpose. I sense a certain smugness nearby. Ah well.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

One fine night

Darkness descends, a strange quiet pervades,
This is really coming to an end...

So little time, so much to do,
So many people, so few I knew.

It has been quiet before, but never in my head,
what is it I dread?

The voices, the voices have stopped singing...
Come back...

The grand hopes, aspirations, expectations...

It's been quiet before, but never in my head,
What is it I dread?

The magic, the magic has stopped ringing,
come back...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

From the soul

Something I had written quite a while back, suddenly came across and wanted to archive it somewhere...

You are, I am, we are...

Undying rising love.
Beyond words, senses, touches or dreams.
A growing spiral, a rising crescendo.
A starry night, dewdrops, flowers,
streches of green, wet mud, rain.
A growing pang.

You are, I am, we are.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Death of bores

I will never be bored to death, an astrologer in the newspaper convinced me. The astrologer said "Killing your body will not help, your unfulfilled soul will still stay vibrating in a time and space warp" then even getting bored to death won't be an option. *Shudder*

In other news, the refree during the france vs switzerland match was so rockingly eccentric, it was like his hand was programmed to raise a yellow card every 15 minutes- the match didnt match up to what one wouyld expect of a match with france in it- but te refree made up for the lack of pace and entertainment with his yellow card fetish[:p]

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Soulful pretence

The soulful, peaceful, and tranquil,
beauty in expected and unexpected places,
when one has glimpses ones tries to freeze the moment,
memories of a warmly lit lazy afternoon long back,
the feeling of creation within when you see flowers, trees, your fingers,
the colourful bliss of a sunset, sunrise, happiness that lingers,
interesting conversation with the long lost and new found,
making peace with yourself, being happy for your solid ground.