Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Death of bores

I will never be bored to death, an astrologer in the newspaper convinced me. The astrologer said "Killing your body will not help, your unfulfilled soul will still stay vibrating in a time and space warp" then even getting bored to death won't be an option. *Shudder*

In other news, the refree during the france vs switzerland match was so rockingly eccentric, it was like his hand was programmed to raise a yellow card every 15 minutes- the match didnt match up to what one wouyld expect of a match with france in it- but te refree made up for the lack of pace and entertainment with his yellow card fetish[:p]

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Soulful pretence

The soulful, peaceful, and tranquil,
beauty in expected and unexpected places,
when one has glimpses ones tries to freeze the moment,
memories of a warmly lit lazy afternoon long back,
the feeling of creation within when you see flowers, trees, your fingers,
the colourful bliss of a sunset, sunrise, happiness that lingers,
interesting conversation with the long lost and new found,
making peace with yourself, being happy for your solid ground.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


About toenails and abandoned lifts.

Toenails are hard to keep clean, I for one never have clean toenails, forget toenails, I dont have clean fingernails half the time. But all that is past, I recently discovered that not only were my toenails clean, they were pristine. My fingernails werent. Mysterious.