Friday, March 20, 2009

Create a Witty

There is a tried and tested way.
Else, so many wouldn't be following the herd.
And they say seeing is believing...tchah!
Helen Keller would most strongly disagree.
So touching.
No, ka-ching!

And what of tomorrow morning? What of it? Well I must concede I ve been hiding under the bed, with my monsters and freaks but I will muster up the courage of letting go of these horrors. No matter how much effort it takes. Or how many blogs. I will get there I know. I will create a witty. Nohing can stop me. Not even hello kitty.

If my thoughts were as disjointed as my actions right now, heck I couldnt have been writing correct grammar even. Goes to show there is much hope - for both english grammar and action shoes.

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